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What types of shower heads are there?


What types of shower heads are there?

1. Thermostatic faucet shower head. The thermostatic faucet shower head can set the water temperature you like to keep it constant. When the water supply temperature changes, such as when someone flushes, the thermostatic faucet can adjust the water temperature in an instant. A good quality thermostatic faucet will have a safety device inside, so it can prevent The water temperature was mistakenly adjusted to above 38 degrees.

2. Magnetized negative ion shower head. The magnetized negative ion shower head uses negative ion balls, energy balls, far-infrared mineralized balls and magnets to remove residual chlorine in the water through magnetization, activation, filtration, ionization, etc., enhances water penetration and vitality, and makes a variety of Precious minerals, easily absorbed by human cells. Magnetized water molecules penetrate into the skin to improve blood and subcutaneous microcirculation, enhance the human body's biological magnetic field, deeply clean and deeply hydrate and nourish your body.

Magnetized negative ion shower nozzle 3. With the help of 360° rotating nozzle. With the ingenious design of the 360° rotating nozzle, Hahaha can adjust the direction by gently rotating the nozzle, providing a variety of spray modes to choose from. Invigorating.

With the help of 360° rotating nozzle, the above are the types of shower nozzles introduced to you. For the convenience of our own use, everyone still has to choose a shower nozzle that suits them. It cannot be said that more functions are good, but it still depends on the quality. Good quality is the real thing. Good.


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